Thursday, December 8, 2011

Electic Raspberry's List of Winter Fun Things:

  • dip pinecones in white paint and sprinkle glitter onto them
  • wear a thick knitted scarf and go ice skating, drink peppermint hot chocolate
  • build a fort indoors out of sheets and fluffy pillows
  • watch holiday specials in your best footie pajamas
  • build a gingerbread house adorned in icing and spice drops
  • snuggle by a warm fire
  • cut paper snowflakes and string them along with icicle lights above your bed
  • bake dozens of cookies and deliver them to your friends
  • have a dinner party, but serve only traditionally breakfast-related food
  • select a charity to donate some of your time or money to
  • make a list of books you'd like to read
  • play board games by candlelight
  • go window shopping and make a list of your theoretical dream purchases
  • see a live production of The Nutcracker
  • go sledding and build a snowman- if you live in a snowy area
  • sit in a warm bubble bath and listen to your favorite winter playlist
  • sneak a kiss under the mistletoe
  • take a drive to admire holiday lights and decorations
  • host a homely holiday sweater get-together
  • take photographs throughout winter and assemble them into an album
  • handwrite letters and cards to people you love, snail mail them
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  1. All these activities sound so much fun! And seem like a great way to get through the winter. I hope you’re able check all these things off of your list by the end of the season.