Tuesday, September 4, 2012


Sugar and spice.
The result of a collaboration between myself and Rachel Lynch of IHATEBLONDE.
Together, we pieced together two looks that we feel embody the lovechild of our two blogs.
Juliet Capulet, youthful and in love,  full of spirit.
Wild at heart.
Packs her suitcase with pastel pinks. Maps to places she's yet to visit.
Sleeping on the sand, collecting roses of vibrant crimson.
Hiding mischievous eyes behind pale sunnies.
A modern-day Lolita with an edge.
Strawberry poptart mornings, shooting stars, and fast feet.
Running away to find her wings and fly.

Saturday, August 25, 2012


Paula was born and raised in Bogotá  Columbia. To her, art is about investigation, beauty, and communication. She uses art as a method to understand the intangible components of the world, and how those attributes manifest themselves through nature and animals. She spends a lot of her time observing animals and studying their lines. She reminds me of a modern-day Snow White. The type of girl who could ask blue birds to help her clean house. Where the Wild Things Are meets Beatrix Potter meets Tim Burton. She also enjoys fashion, and occasionally includes some fashion-centric work on her blogs.

check out Paula's work here and here

portrait of Electric Raspberry by Paula Paperdoll:

Sunday, August 19, 2012


My heart is singing.
There are two photoshoots that are my absolute dream.
The first being a shoot inspired by The Virgin Suicides.
The second, a shoot styled after Vladimir Nabokov's Lolita.
Though I enjoy both film adaptions of Lo, stylistically I favor Adrian Lyne's version.
Planet Blue has taken Lyne's film and converted it into a beautiful lookbook.
The shoot screams Lolita and I am desperate to imitate it!

Thursday, August 16, 2012


Blair is an artist who doesn’t believe in erasers. 
She says that people are not perfect, and neither is her artwork! 
Her blog, Blondelasagna, is meant to be spontaneous, quirky, sassy, and free. 
Her work reminds me of small paintings you would find in a parisian apartment. 
Each a delicate musing. 
Parted lips, high fashion, and rosey cheeks. Think: if Vogue were an illustration.
check out Blair’s work here
you can also purchase her prints through her shop here
or follow her on instagram: blairz

portrait of/inspired by electricraspberry by blondelasagna:


Ana Bagayan is a Los Angeles-based artist, born in Armenia.
Her work is inspired by the idea that we share our universe with other intelligent beings. She paints ghosts, spirits, aliens, and other creatures of the like in a positive light 
to encourage people not to fear the unknown.
Her work has a slightly dark essence, but ultimately conveys the idea 
that these strange and beautiful girls aren’t much different than you, or the gals that you know. 
Ana’s work reminds me of falling down Alice’s rabbit hole, or visiting the land of Oz. 
Sea sirens, bubbles, glittering constellations, cat eyes, and animal companions.
check out Ana’s work here
You can also “like” Ana’s Facebook page here

portrait inspired by electricraspberry by Ana Bagayan

Titled: The Flower Spirit and Her Butterfly Nebula. 

“I tried to interpret the energy of your blog as a character...positive, whimsical, and beautiful. 
That is how the flower spirit was born!”- Ana Bagayan

Wednesday, August 1, 2012


Ilse Valfre was born and raised in Tijuana, Mexico. 
She has always had a passion for illustration and views drawing and art as a means of therapy. 
Much like Ilse, the girls in her artwork use fashion as a form of expression. 
Her gals are often accompanied by witty and silly thoughts, relatable to most any young girl. 
Ilse’s drawings are intimate and when you browse them, 
it feels as though you’re flipping through a teen girl’s journal. 
Doodles, crushes, and Sharpie hearts, displayed through the pages of her notebook.
Check out her work on her website and blog
You can also “like” Ilse’s Facebook page

portrait of electricraspberry by Ilse Valfre:

FEATURED ARTIST: Manjit of a1000daisies

Manjit is a UK-based artist who enjoys reading, Jane Eyre, and warm apple pie. 
The stylish girls in her digitally-colored drawings are inspired by anything from a First Aid Kit tune to a Wes Anderson film.
Her quirky geek-chic gals are always clad in custom outfits with an essence each their own. 
Think Tavi Gevinson meets Daria Morgendorffer.
Manjit’s pieces remind me of Ghost World, Kat Stratford, and the plastic chokers of the 90s.
Check out her work on her tumblr blog
You can also purchase her prints, badges, and tote bags through her online store

portrait of electricraspberry by a1000daisies:

Wednesday, June 20, 2012

starcrossed lovers

Wildfox Couture has done it again, and my heart is singing!
If you've been following either of my blogs, you're aware that my 90s obsession is fairly obvious.
Wildfox's fall collection, inspired by Baz Luhrmann's Romeo + Juliet, is flawless!
90s grunge blends effortlessly with romantic florals,
Kurt Cobain knits, doc martens, autumn plaids, and Italian gothic
I can not begin to count the pieces I plan on accumulating.
The entire collection reminds me so much of the pain of a first love.
The lust of teenage crushes.
check out my Romeo + Juliet post here
and my grunge inspiration here