Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Electric Raspberry's film recommendations:

I'm a tremendous film lover, and I watch movies regularly.
Above are a collection of films that I suggest everyone watch.
I've included a wide variety of genres, but I find each film very enjoyable!

To help make your selection easier, here is how I would divide the films based on what mood you're currently in:

"I feel like watching a wonderfully feminine and romantic period piece. Something set in another era that inspires me through language varied from the everyday slang I'm typically accustomed to, costume design, and art. I should see..."
-Marie Antoinette
-An Education
-Bright Star
-Factory Girl
-Pride and Prejudice
-Little Women

"I feel lusty and want to watch something passionate, sexy, and thought provoking. I should see..."
-Stealing Beauty
-Like Crazy
-An Education
-The Virgin Suicides
-American Beauty
-The Dreamers
-Never Let Me Go
-Almost Famous
-Requiem for a Dream
- Paris, je t'aime

"I'm in the mood for something action-packed and/or humorous. -OR MAYBE- I'm watching a film with my boyfriend/guy buddies and I want something that we will all enjoy. We should see..."
-Scott Pilgrim vs. the World
-Kick Ass
-Dazed and Confused

"I want to watch a light, feel-good film with a lot of heart, I should see..."
-Little Miss Sunshine
-Paper Heart
-The Winner of Defiance Idaho
-Julie and Julia
-My One and Only
-All I Wanna Do
-Running with Scissors

"I really just want to watch something with a male protagonist that is at least mildly attractive, whom I will fall in theoretical-love with by the end of the film. I should see..."
-Nowhere Boy
-The Adventures of Sebastian Cole
-The Squid and the Whale
-Art School Confidential


  1. Hi Amanda.. love all of your recommendations! We have very similar tastes. I was just curious what application you are using to make your collages? PhotoShop? Illustrator? Picassa? They are so clean-looking and nice! xx

  2. omg this is great, some of my favorite movies are on there and the rest i must check out! lovely blog xx

  3. thank you for this! i will be using this guide

    Marie Antoinette is still and probably will always be my favorite movie, and the soundtrack is the BEST!