Monday, March 5, 2012

Steal her Style: Corey Mason

Corey Mason is the sweet, girl-next-door from the film Empire Records.
Played by Liv Tyler, Corey has a stunning classic beauty, but a 90s grunge edge.
Straight As, Harvard bound, plaid skirts, and Dr. Martens.
Corey is everything a 90s teen gal aspired to be.
1. a cropped sweater
2. a bright red bra with a little lace
3. Harvard pride
4. a Nirvana cd to play while opening Empire
5. Dr. Martens
6. a modest-lengthed plaid skirt
7. vanilla cupcake for Gina
8. composition book for study notes
9. m&ms for cd selection
10. Rex Manning fan pin
11. a cold glass of Coca-Cola

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  1. Paraticabum, paraticabum! Paraticabum Tatatrorius!!!