Thursday, August 16, 2012


Ana Bagayan is a Los Angeles-based artist, born in Armenia.
Her work is inspired by the idea that we share our universe with other intelligent beings. She paints ghosts, spirits, aliens, and other creatures of the like in a positive light 
to encourage people not to fear the unknown.
Her work has a slightly dark essence, but ultimately conveys the idea 
that these strange and beautiful girls aren’t much different than you, or the gals that you know. 
Ana’s work reminds me of falling down Alice’s rabbit hole, or visiting the land of Oz. 
Sea sirens, bubbles, glittering constellations, cat eyes, and animal companions.
check out Ana’s work here
You can also “like” Ana’s Facebook page here

portrait inspired by electricraspberry by Ana Bagayan

Titled: The Flower Spirit and Her Butterfly Nebula. 

“I tried to interpret the energy of your blog as a character...positive, whimsical, and beautiful. 
That is how the flower spirit was born!”- Ana Bagayan

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