Friday, March 8, 2013

Featured Artist: Wishcandy

 Last year I featured a series of female artists from around the world
 in celebration of their lovely and diverse work.
A last minute addition was made, and it has taken me far too long to shuffle through e-mails 
and finally post her interview and collaboration piece.
Sashiko Yuen (Wishcandy) is an artist currently located in Los Angeles, but originates from New Jersey and Maryland. She is inspired by adventure, literature, good food, horror films, street style, and retro culture.
More recently her work has featured simple lines, pencil, and watercolor.
But she also enjoys working with paint 
and says she’s been wanting to produce more work in that medium soon.
She submitted this beautiful illustration entitled “In the Stars” and described her inspiration behind it: 
“ What I see in Electric Raspberry is a deep longing for comfort, travel, and fun! 
I decided to blend the contemplative nature of space with retro glamour 
and a bit of our Lisa Frank obsessed childhoods. “

Admire her work here:
Shop her pieces here:

Sunday, March 3, 2013

How to Spend the Weekend in Bed...

Everyone needs some R&R once in a while.
Though it's fun to go out on the weekends, 
sometimes it's nice to take pleasure in doing absolutely nothing.
Here's a guide for a weekend in bed done right:

What to Do:
Enjoy picnic-style meals all day long.
A tray with assorted berries, whipped cream, French toast.
Strawberry Poptarts, cucumber tea sandwiches, limeade,
A porcelain bowl of pesto pasta, sparkling cider.
and, of course...
Top the evening off with an ice cream buffet.
A tray of your favorite flavors, vanilla bean, Dutch chocolate, fresh strawberry...
Cups of rainbow sprinkles, edible glitter, maraschino cherries, and gooey caramel sauce.
If you own an espresso machine, practice your affogato skills.
Or better yet, BEGIN your morning that way!
Begin some new pinboards on Pinterest!
Catch up on your "films-to-watch" list
-Ditch the makeup & wear a clean face.
-Read a classic novel- Pride & Prejudice, Emma, Little Women, The Great Gatsby...
-Write a short story.
-Doodle in your notebook.
-Finally text your crush (you know you want to).
-Rip through your old magazines and tear out inspiration.
-Take advantage of that Netflix account and watch a cartoon from your childhood!
-Bookmark recipes you'd like to test out.
-Research the lands you dream of traveling to.