Friday, March 8, 2013

Featured Artist: Wishcandy

 Last year I featured a series of female artists from around the world
 in celebration of their lovely and diverse work.
A last minute addition was made, and it has taken me far too long to shuffle through e-mails 
and finally post her interview and collaboration piece.
Sashiko Yuen (Wishcandy) is an artist currently located in Los Angeles, but originates from New Jersey and Maryland. She is inspired by adventure, literature, good food, horror films, street style, and retro culture.
More recently her work has featured simple lines, pencil, and watercolor.
But she also enjoys working with paint 
and says she’s been wanting to produce more work in that medium soon.
She submitted this beautiful illustration entitled “In the Stars” and described her inspiration behind it: 
“ What I see in Electric Raspberry is a deep longing for comfort, travel, and fun! 
I decided to blend the contemplative nature of space with retro glamour 
and a bit of our Lisa Frank obsessed childhoods. “

Admire her work here:
Shop her pieces here:

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  1. This is going to seem very silly and quite pathetic, but I really just wanted to let you know what a huge inspiration you've been to me. Your blog has influenced my life in so many wonderful ways. I recently moved to a big city and away from my parents, which has been incredibly difficult. I've had problems with depression in the past which lead to an eating disorder and caused me to self-harm, and I've been tempted into old habits. But reading your blog really helped me embrace my adventurous, fearless side and gave me courage when I started feeling too low to leave my apartment. The happy lists in particular gave me incentive to do things like paint my nails, to make cupcakes and to celebrate Valentine's Day when I didn't feel like I had the energy to. I've begun to look for beauty and potential for adventure in everything. I can honestly say that you've taught me to love life. I really just wanted to thank you. I've started writing 'happy lists', which is the most therapeutic thing, and you also introduced me to HBO's Girls and I just cannot thank you enough for that. I also never intended to try frozen yogurt, but now, whenever I feel low, I step out (even in the snow, as long as I'm wearing my favourite mittens) to get some. You seem like such a sweet, intelligent, creative and fun person. You write so beautifully and you are an incredible role model. Last week in your personal post on Tumblr you said something which really touched me: "If you’re sad, cheer yourself up. If you’re sick, care for yourself. If you’re angry, release that anger and allow yourself to be open to happiness." Those words really pushed me in the right direction. Electric Raspberry for me is a guidebook, which inspires people to embrace life, freedom, art and beauty. So thank you!