Friday, June 14, 2013

15 Things to do This Summer

It's been a while since I last posted on my blogspot and I'm so sorry for my absence!
Below is my personal list of things I plan on doing this summer!

1. build a fort with cotton sheets and fluffy pillows- eat creamsicles, write stories
2. watch old films on a projector
3. chase crashing waves and bundle up in a soft beach towel
4. wear flowers in my hair
5. lay out with my girlfriends, get a suntan, invent new cocktails & mocktails
6. afternoon at a museum- wear glasses, look studious
7. go camping for a weekend- listen to music, shoot photos
8. make homemade ice-cream from scratch
9. spray bed linens with lavender oil
10. finally learn how to longboard
1 1. take a mini road trip- sing in the car
1 2. invest in a record player- make use of my vinyl collection
1 3. make fresh lemonade- kiss a cute boy
1 4. soak in a bath- light coconut and vanilla bean candles
1 5. host an O.C. marathon- make sundaes