Friday, July 26, 2013


You may not recognize Emily as Hawaiian Coconut, but you've likely gawked at her beautiful photos a billion times whilst surfing the internet.
Maybe you're familiar with Wildfox Couture,  
the brand Em co-founded with childhood bff Kimberly Gordon back in '07. 
In any case, you'll certainly WANT to get aquatinted with her work 
because the girl is a powerhouse of all things inspiration.
Now living in Cape Town, South Africa- Emily has some new projects in store for us, including the launch of her new full-scale site for Hawaiian Coconut!
One of my all-time girl crushes, Emily's blog inspires.
Filled wish neon pink sunsets, warm evenings, floral pillows, fresh strawberry smoothies, coconut ice cream, white sand, and sunkissed skin.
Her blog is a little beach house tucked away on the map of the web.
Check out her photography and keep on the lookout for her new site!
I promise her photos will remind you of magic and it's existence within our day-to-day.