Monday, August 26, 2013


If you're a fan of Wildfox, then you're surely a fan of their creative and innovative swimline.
Each collection unique, vibrant, and clever in it's own right.
Wildfox Swim is a collaboration between the brilliant Kimberley Gordon and lovely Leilani Shimoda.
Leilani has been a member of the Wildfox team for two years now,
and it's a match made in roller-disco, mermaid heaven! 
Their newest creations recently debuted with a splash at Miami swim week.
Inspired by the bold women of the 1970s, 
Wildfox's newest swimline evokes images of Charlie's Angels, 70s color pop,
roller disco, and iridescent pastel mermaids.
The line truly suits any and every girl.
Whether you're a tomboy: looking to run through the surf and play a little beach volleyball, 
or totally feminine: laying out by the pool, flaunting your curves, and dreaming of pink palm trees- 
there's a suit fit for you!
The new line is a tremendous leap forward from Wildfox's last swimline,
with more styles, resort wear, and a wide variety of designs.
Both Leilani and Wildfox have surely made a name for themselves in swimwear!
I'm so in love with the new line and I'm sure you will be too!
Check out the paisley onepiece below. Can't wait to get my hands on it for summer 2014!
Be sure to also checkout Leilani's designs for Wildfox Pajamas here.
Both Leilani and her handsome cat, Shrampton, are on instagram!
Follow them: myshimoda & shrampton

Monday, August 12, 2013

ELECTRIC RASPBERRY x IHATEBLONDE: The Last of the Summer Sleepovers

Summer is drawing to a close. 
Endless afternoons sneaking onto rooftop pools, sipping watermelon juice, 
and kissing the mirrors of country club powder rooms.
Hopping on their skateboards, collecting sunflowers, chewing Bubble Tape.
Holding hands and laughing ‘til tiny tears trickle down past their sun-kissed cheeks.
It’s been perfect.
But they’re all too aware that soon the autumn clouds will loom overhead.
They’ll bundle up beneath thick turtlenecks and sip hot chocolate at the corner bookstore. 
They’ll carve pumpkins and dip caramel apples. 
They’re excited for Fall, but for now, they relish in the last stretch of their coveted heat wave.
One last sleepover to ice their summer cake.
In their apartment, playing dress-up. Never too old to play pretend.
Pink platforms, strawberry Pocky. Champagne and martinis, Clueless on repeat.
Dreaming big. They’ve spent the last of their savings. They don’t know what they’re doing, where they’re going. 
But, they know for sure that they’ll be there together, wherever “there” is.
Out on the streets of New York, well past 3 a.m.- hunting for pizza, of course.
They grab two slices and lay out under the stars.
Finding constellations and mapping out their plans.
Plans for a forever friendship, for endless love, and for unforgettable memories.
Living life the way they’d always hoped they would. 
Fun and free.

model/photos: IHATEBLONDE