Thursday, October 17, 2013


Rina (fruit kitten) is based in a small town near Vienna, Austria. 
She initially intended on studying cultural and social anthropology, 
but always loved to draw and dreamed of one day becoming a tattoo artist of comic illustrator. 
Inspired by manga and anime as a child, she let both styles influence her creatively, 
but has managed to develop an artistic flare all her own. 
Each piece she finishes come complete with sweet deer antlers are super rosey cheeks. Rina pulls a lot of inspiration from observing nature, listening to music, 
and her appreciation for tattoo art. 
Her standard chosen medium is old school illustration with pencils and Copic markers. Only occasionally will she ever use a computer when drawing.

I adore Rina's work and I think you will as well!
Be sure to check out her other pieces via her instagram and official Facebook page!
IG: fruit_kitten
LOVE Rina's illustration of me, pictured below!

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