Thursday, January 2, 2014

New Years Resolutions 2014

Many of my Tumblr followers have messaged me, asking what my resolutions are for the new year.
I think seeing January 1st on the calendar is perhaps even more exciting to me
than the glitter and fancy fun of New Years Eve! 
I love the idea of starting fresh and beginning a new chapter in my life. 
I like the hopeful feeling the new year bares, 
and this year I thought long and hard on what I wanted my resolutions and goals to consist of.
With that being said, below is my list of resolutions for the year 2014 :]
This list is a direct excerpt from the journal I keep, 
which is why each resolution is addressed to myself.
I'd love to hear some of yours as well!
1) Blog more frequently and include more personal content through all of my social media outlets. Take more photos.
2) Sell unworn clothing and unused items and make some money to use toward something I really covet.
3) Do more activities solo. Grocery shop alone, see a movie by myself, grab some coffee solo. Familiarize myself with independence and learn to love it.
4) Actively try to enjoy the present and plan for the future. Live in the moment more. Utilize my time on Earth more productively and proactively. Accept and let go of my past.
5) Go to the dentist. Be responsible regarding my health in general.
6) Accept and explore my interests. (I tend to focus on single facets of my personality and feel that there isn't enough space to accommodate everything I like!) Gotta stop trying to micro-manage myself. 
7) Hunt for a job to fall in love with. 
9) Visit a new city or state. Maybe take a road trip.
10) Get a suntan :]
11) Care less about how other people perceive me. Stop trying to please everyone! It's exhausting. Account for the cold hard fact that it's impossible for everyone on Earth to like me. Do what I love and make no apologies for what others don't understand.
12) Purchase a fun, candy-colored wig and play around with my look.
13) Open up to the idea of relationships. Being open to the prospect of loving another person does not mean I have to abandon my own interests, goals, or personal space. Learn to include another person in my life and find balance.
14) Show more self-respect. (I'm quick to make self-deprecating jokes and undervalue myself) stop allowing other people to lecture me about what I should be accomplishing and where I falter. It is not their place to do so! 
15) Think twice before saying "no" to someone or something solely because I'm afraid or unmotivated.

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  1. What a great list, Amanda. This is definitely a good way to start your 2014, setting up goals. Number 5 is interesting. Not a lot of people would have that in their New Year's resolution, and bravo for sharing this great idea - to care for one's dental health. Which is truly of great importance as dental problems can actually impede one from doing other activities, with the pain and whatnot. Wish you luck!

    Jamie @