Thursday, January 16, 2014


With Spring semester having just begun, I found myself at an office supply store to shop with my sister. 
I'm no longer in school, but it occurred to me then that many of my followers still are! 
Whether it be middle school, high school, or college courses, 
I realized I don't often post content regarding that period in a girl's life. 
I'd like to change that!
School can feel taxing much of the time, but what always made it feel more fun for me, 
was the challenge of expressing myself within it's rules and restrictions.
I loved to express myself through the clothing I wore, 
but also through the way I chose to decorate my school supplies. 
There's something to be said for opening up your locker 
and pulling out supplies that give you a little jolt of happiness and smiles, 
as oppose to drab and dreary books and binders that fail to reflect your spirit and interests.
With that said, here's a little DIY for how to make your 3-ring binders suit you a bit better.
I'm currently using mine to house all things blog and inspiration-book related.
Filled with magazine tears, happy lists, ideas, and lots of notes ^_^
1) Begin by pulling inspiration offline. Select photos you love, pictures that reflect your passions, and try to pick within a color-theme. Something I like to do is choose a color for each course, then coordinate book-covers and binders with that same hue. For instance, a lavender collage for your English binder would be paired up with a lavender notebook as well as a lavender book-cover for the textbook used in that class. Then apply that formula for each and every class--pink elective, mint math, lime social studies, etc.
2) Be sure to size your photos appropriately when printing them out. 
You want to be sure that everything will fit within the width & length of your binder.
3) Snip out your photos and play around with the arrangement you'd like to see.
4. You'll find the trickiest part of collaging your binder is definitely the act of assembly. It can be a real pain when you realize that every new photo added will essentially disrupt the ones you've previously positioned. Don't sweat it! You can adjust them as you go along. I choose one large photo as my background image, then add photos from the bottom of my binder, up to the top. That way, it's a bit easier to control their placement.
5) Lastly, pair up your binder with the rest of the supplies required for that course. 
Clearly, in my example, I've chosen a bubblegum pink motif.
Hopefully you'll love the final product!


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