Tuesday, February 25, 2014

Pages From My Inspiration Book...

Every day, I strive to acknowledge the beautiful, magical, and precious.
Unfortunately, life can be tragic, strenuous, and challenging at times.
Sometimes we'll hit a stretch of life where every day we find ourselves trudging through mud up to our knees,
and when we finally think we've reached dry land, we discover entirely new obstacles to overcome.
Often it's the littlest things that go unappreciated, but bare ample amounts of joy.
Sometimes happiness is found in sweet strawberry preserves and warm corn bread.
When a new animal friend immediately takes to you.
Downloading new music to listen to, lighting candles for a bubble bath.
Laughing til tears trail down your cheeks.
Sometimes it's the bigger picture, but sometimes it's the littlest facets of your day-to-day.
So here is a collection of pages from my virtual inspiration journal.
A celebration of the things I love, and a window into the way I view the world.

Tuesday, February 11, 2014


It is well known throughout my circle of friends that I am a serious homebody. 
I'll take a good movie, some vegetarian-friendly snacks, and cuddles with my pups
over a hectic night out, ANY day of the week.
Netflix Instant is a wonderful resource for watching films in an easy and accessible manner.
Unfortunately, there are only so many titles available to stream via instant,
and it can be a bother to rummage through the duds to unearth the best finds.
To make things a little easier on you, 
I've comprised a list of my personal favorites currently available through Netflix Instant. 
Add these to your queue and check them out the next time you're on the hunt for a new flick to fall in love with.

1. The Great Gatsby
2. Stealing Beauty
3. Lost in Translation
4. Submarine
5. La Belle Personne
6. Like Crazy
7. Heathers
8. The Virgin Suicides
9. The Artist
10. Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind
11. Grease
12. American Psycho
13. Greenberg
14. Big Fish
15. Love Story
16. Amelie
17. Clueless
18. Breakfast at Tiffany's
19. James and the Giant Peach
20. My Week With Marilyn
21. The Nightmare Before Christmas
22. The Brady Bunch Movie
23. The Dangerous Lives of Altar Boys
24. Donnie Darko
25. Toast
26. Cry-Baby
27. Electrick Children
28. Dirty Girl
29. Tiny Furniture
30. Children Underground