Monday, March 17, 2014

Elizabeth Olsen, I love your face.

To date, these are still my absolute favorite photos taken of Elizabeth Olsen.
So naturally beautiful and authentic. 
All shot by photographer Frances Tulk-Hart.

Friday, March 14, 2014


Spring is in the air here in Los Angeles, 
and with that I find myself day-dreaming of fresh flowers and fairy tales.
This weekend's inspiration is dedicated to the coming season of new beginnings.
1. Wear something delicate, sheer, and comfortable. 
Feel at home in your body, let your hair fall wildly-however it chooses.
2. Soak in an oil-infused bath.
Spray your towels and linens with lavender mist.
3. Embrace the comforts of home, show your bed a little appreciation 
for it's relentless dedication to providing comfort.
4. Watch Pride & Prejudice.
5. Pick daisies to lace through your boots, weave into a crown, 
or place in a little mason jar on the kitchen table.
6. Try cooking something worthy of an English cottage kitchen.
Hearty, but fresh and made from scratch.
THIS vegetarian pot pie recipe looks light, crispy, warm, and delicious.
7. Don't be afraid to spend the entire weekend in your underwear.
Don't wear pants. Wear tulle.
8. Write a love letter- to your crush, to yourself, to the future you, to whoever.
Write something powerful, meaningful.
Don't hold yourself back.
and lastly…
9. Listen to Le Temps de lAmour by Francoise Hardy…
while you dance by yourself in nothing but a tutu…
while you feast on pink champagne cake on your sun-soaked bed…
when you pour your heart out on stationary,
and press daisies in old Jane Austen novels.

Have a good weekend! xo

Sunday, March 2, 2014

New Pinboard: LIFE (or something like it)

A collection of my favorite vintage photographs.
Lots more on my Pinterest board! You can check it out here.