Wednesday, October 1, 2014

Gemma Ward, We Love You

My obsession with the fashion industry reached new heights when I hit junior high.
I had always loved clothes, but it wasn't until my tweenaged years that I really threw myself 
into the world of runway couture, VOGUE editorials, and elaborate design campaigns.
I would spend hours upon hours at Barnes and Noble after school and on the weekends.
I'd save up my cash to buy the glossy magazines you couldn't beg your parents for at the supermarket checkout- Vogue Paris, W, i-D…
These magazines were comparable to books--not only in size, but content as well.
Each issue told seasonal stories, fairy tales…they took me to Paris, to Milan.
It wasn't long before I found the correlation between fashion and the world around me.
Studying the images and articles in magazines allowed me to perceive other artistic mediums in a new way.
I could plainly see the connection between styling and film making.
I'd watch a Bernardo Bertoulucci film, like Stealing Beaty, and I could see each scene unfold 
as though it were an editorial spread in Vogue Italia.
During this time, it's safe to say that Gemma Ward was every designer's "it girl".
I remember picking up Teen Vogue and seeing her on the cover. 
I didn't know much about Gemma, 
though I'd plucked her out of dozens of ad campaigns and photo spreads for her unique appearance.
She was different from any model I'd seen before. She was ethereal--her face absolutely drew you in. 
Gemma's look was pure magic, the kind of girl Francesca Lia Block wrote books about.
She retired back in 2008, and it felt as though she was disappearing far too quickly.
I think it's safe to say there were a lot of us girls who let out an audible shriek of excitement 
when Gemma returned to the Prada runway last month for Milan Fashion Week.
Welcome back Gemma! We've missed you!

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