Monday, November 3, 2014

FEATURED ARTIST: Cindy Mangomini

Cindy Mangomini is an artist born and raised in Maastricht, a town in the Southeast Netherlands.
She continues to reside there currently and works freelance while finding inspiration in her daily life
and the people she sees in and around her town. 
Never without her notebook, Cindy loves sketching and jotting down ideas wherever she goes.
Additionally, she finds inspiration through her favorite blogs and books. 
Cindy is a weekly contributor for Hello Giggles, the popular site for women, 
co-founded by the ever-effervescent Zooey Deschanel. 
You can find her posts "here".
"Electric Raspberry by Cindy Mangomini"
Above is an original illustration by Cindy, inspired by my personal style and daily life!
You can see samples of her other work below.
You can also follow Cindy on social media via the links listed below!
main blog
online shop


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