Tuesday, December 2, 2014

"Steal Her Style" Shopping Guide: Penny Lane

One of my all-time favorite female characters is miss Penny Lane from Cameron Crowe's Almost Famous. 
Kate Hudson radiates light as Penny, 
and no matter how many times I've watched the film, 
I fall in love with her free-spirited ensembles over and over again.
Dancing barefoot on a deserted stage post-concert, backstage passes, room service, ticket stubs, band tees. 
Velvet bell bottoms, blowing kisses, messy hair, and belting your heart out in the back of a tour bus. 
We can't all be Band-Aids, but we sure can dress like 'em.
Below are my picks for a Penny Lane-inspired wardrobe.
All items are currently available for purchase online!
Almost Famous is currently streaming on Netflix instant! Check it out if you've yet to see it!