Wednesday, January 28, 2015

Once Upon A Dream...

With the release of Disney's Maleficent last Spring
and the new live-action adaption of Cinderella releasing this coming March,
I've found myself daydreaming of fairytales.
As a kid, I was obsessed with magic and make-believe.
Cinderella and The Little Mermaid were perhaps my favorite Disney films,
andthe notion of princesses, haunted forests, and magical spells kept me forever enchanted.
I'd spend hours in my backyard, dressed in a tulle tutu, plucking flower petals
and crushing leaves to make love potions.
I'd talk to the bunnies that hopped around from time to time, and I'd climb up into the giant fig trees,
their haunting limbs stretching out over what felt like my whole sky.
I still adore fairytales and I will always love to play-pretend.
Below is some enchanting inspiration to fuel your own fairytale thoughts.
Never stop dressing up. Never stop believing in magic.

Thursday, January 8, 2015


1. Be present during meal time. Prepare a healthy and satisfying snack plate of dried apricots, grapes, fresh berries, sliced cheeses, almonds, sliced apple…brew some tea, and enjoy your food in a favorite place. Maybe a cozy spot tucked away in the corner of your bedroom or the big wicker chair that sits sun-bleached on your front porch. Find a place, call it yours, and relax while you experiment with the different flavors and textures on your plate. Remember that food is delicious and that meals aren’t meant to be scarfed down between text messages.

2. Find 10 minutes per day to decompress. Turn off your phone. Take a deep breath and focus on relaxing the tension in your body.

3. Learn the value of the word “no”. There is a difference between working and living alongside others while being conciencious of their needs and sacrificing your own needs solely for the sake of appeasing everyone. Give yourself permission to say no more often. Permitting you practice discretion and do so gracefully, you can say no to anything that doesn’t suit you without making excuses, feeling guilty, and stringing together white lies to avoid confrontation. In life we are faced with obligations. We go to school, to work, we are tied to other people, we make commitments. This is why every minute of time that is solely yours should be carefully filled with activities that you truly want to experience. Allow yourself the best of everything. Why begrudgingly allow yourself to be pressured into committing to an evening out with so-so friends when what you truly want to do is make some popcorn and read? Cut ties with the people who make you feel less-than, or those who drag you down in some way. Make good use of your sacred time on Earth! Time is life, and that’s the truth. Every minute, every second, is IT. You are not built to be all things to all people. You are allowed to choose what fills your free time, so learn to say no to the experiences you aren’t truly enticed by.
4. Make an effort to tell a friend or loved one that you appreciate them and that you’re grateful to have them in your life. Do so spontaneously, without prompting. You’ll be surprised how taken aback people are when for no reason at all, you remind them that they matter.

5. Grab your laptop, your homework, or whichever book you’re currently devouring and head to a local cafe. Realize the difference small alterations can create in ordinarily mundane activities. Order a chai latte, smile at a stranger, and enjoy the aroma of freshly ground coffee beans.

6. Make something! It can be very satisfying to create something tangible, especially in an age where so much of our creativity is expressed behind a screen. Purchase some fashion magazines and make a style inspiration wall, make your own greeting cards and mail them to your closest friends, plant an egg crate garden, or learn to make candied rose petals. Listen to music, throw your hair into a messy top-knot, and get crafty.
7. Light candles as often as possible. This is something I practice, and it may seem bizarre, but I genuinely believe it makes a difference in both my environment and disposition. Candles create a calming effect. They add a soft light to a dark space, and various scents can alter your mood. Additionally, I am comforted by the idea that a flame is alive. When I glance over at my coffee table and see tiny flames flickering and dancing, happy and glowing…I, in turn, feel their light inside of myself as well.

8. Learn to be savvy on social media and remember that perfection does not exist. We live in an age where information comes at us full-force, 24/7. New images and ideas pop up every 2 seconds and sometimes we forget that not everything we’re seeing is 100% truthful. It is very easy to clean up your life for an instagram photo or to write a blog post about a wonderful day as oppose to a day when your heart was broken. Something as silly as 5 minutes spent online, oggling someone’s perfectly assembled acai bowls and waist-length hair, can easily make you feel a little dissatisfied with your own existence. Do yourself a favor and channel the focus back onto yourself. Celebrate what you have to offer—YOUR accomplishments, YOUR positive attributes. Focus on your inner beauty and nurture yourself in a way that allows you to blossom. Don’t get caught up in the idea of what your life should look like from the outside. Social media is great fun and certainly has a lot of positive benefits, but know that real happiness comes from within!

9. Rid your closet of every item you don’t wear. Donate or re-sell what you no longer want and make space for newly-loved pieces!

10. Write a 5-item happy list each and every day. Pick 5 things you love and celebrate them on paper. Purchase a tiny notebook and keep track of the little happy thoughts that fill your life. Appreciate the small and subtle things.

Source for photo 1 found here. Other sources unknown.