Monday, November 9, 2015

Crystallized Books

“The Crystallized Book Series addresses the materiality of the book versus the text or content of the book, in addition to commenting on the vulnerability of the printed book. The crystals remove the text and transform the books into aesthetic, non-functional objects. The books, frozen with crystal growth, have become artifacts or geologic specimens imbued with the history of time, use, and nostalgia. The series was prompted by repeatedly finding boxes of discarded books, by the onset of e-books, and by the shuttering of bookstores.” 
-Artist Alexis Arnold

Tuesday, November 3, 2015

99 Film Recommendations

If you've been following my blog or social media for some time, you'll know that I am a tremendous film fanatic. 
I love movies, I compulsively watch newly-released trailers, and I have ongoing lists of my all-time favorite films. 
I receive a lot of requests through tumblr for movie recommendations and 
promised I would comprise a new list, so here it is!
I really racked my brain and my dvd collection to try and list as many of my favorites as possible.
I nearly started categorizing and subcategorizing these by genre and theme, but it became so elaborate 
that I ultimately had to rethink that idea entirely. Instead, what I've done is split my list into two groups:
One group is comprised of my recommendations available on Netflix Instant, so you can watch them right now!
The others are all some of my absolute favorites that aren't available at this time, 
though I'm sure you can find them on itunes movies.

First half, all currently streaming on Netflix Instant...
second half is a bunch of my all-time favorites which are sadly not currently streaming on Netflix...