Monday, August 8, 2016

Babe I'm Gonna Leave You...

August is unique in her versatility. Some of her days will feel like the hottest Summer—
heavy with thick and dry air, days melting together like popsicles in the sweltering sun. 
Then in a fleeting moment you’ll see her flowers bowing their heads, stars shifting in 
the night sky—September and Autumn pulling at her afternoon light. 
August is a month-long Sunday morning. She is messy hair and worn-in t-shirts. 
Music in your kitchen when you dance barefoot and make blueberry pancakes, car rides with the windows down through canyons that carry you to quiet oceans and hidden mermaids. 
Fall in love with August for her refusal to be solely one thing. 
Fall in love with how she’ll surprise you and keep your heart open to Summer 
before she kisses you and leaves you to lust after Autumn’s golden leaves and familiar touch.

wearing Led Zeppelin + Darling t-shirts from Brandy Melville 
photos by: Annie W Moses @anniewmoses
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