Friday, September 16, 2016

A Wes Anderson Collage...

Anyone who knows me well is acutely aware of my fanatical adoration of Wes Anderson. 
Wes (I'm on a first-name basis with him, though he is in no way privy to this) is able to manifest any and all of my fantasy aesthetics into flawlessly executed and choreographed films that make me laugh audibly, make my cry listening to 
The Kinks anthology, make me purchase mustard-colored suede jackets from Goodwill, and make me physically angry that I'm not in some way involved with seeing them through to fruition. 
Not only do I cherish my Criterion DVDs (I apologize if DVDs are antiquated/offensive to you) of his work, but I own every Wes Anderson Collection book, and the illustrated screenplay for Grand Budapest. 
If there's an article written about Wes or an interview conducted with him floating in cyberspace,
 it's safe to assume I've read it more than once. I'd be embarrassed writing this if it weren't for the fact that I'm mostly just proud that I like anything with this much unbridled enthusiasm. 
I'm not even entirely positive that I like myself as much as I like Wes Anderson.
That said, yesterday I had some time to kill and decided to make a little shrine to Wes. 
I had a lot of fun picking tiny elements from his films to craft into this collage.
I hope you have fun identifying where each item was plucked from!

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