Sunday, August 20, 2017

Site Launch

I no longer post here often, but wanted to share the launch of my site for anyone who may still visit this blog on occasion! For those of you who may not know, most of the shoots I post on IG 
are projects that, aside from modeling, I've worked the creative direction and production for from conception to 
final product. I enjoy modeling, but my passion lies in the behind-the-scenes components of visual storytelling. 
In any creative role my goal always is to tell a visual story that evokes a dreamy 
or fun quality. This is not my only job. This is my fantasy career, and I work several freelance gigs shooting food photography and working for different restaurants in order to accommodate this work that I so deeply enjoy. When a brand or individual trusts me enough to create something for them, 
it is genuinely the most humbling and exciting feeling I know. I have always felt so supported by all who connect with me through social media and I'm excited to finally have a medium to 
share content with you in an efficient way!

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